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Ayodhya is the birthplace of “Lord Rama”. It is also capital for  the kingdom of Kosala situated on the banks of Sarayu.Lord Rama ruled the kingdom for 11,000 years. A city with a rich history and religious significance.Ayodhya is identified with the name of ‘Saketa’, the world’s most spiritual and religious holy place. A city with rich heritage and significance, being closely tied with Hindu Mythology.

Ayodhya is a prominent pilgrimage destination and is visited by millions of devotees every year from across the globe. It is a place where you will entice your senses with its surreal surroundings, chantings of mantras, vedas and prayers, and overwhelming aromas of sandalwood and flowers.

In Ayodhya you can experience spiritual and serenity amidst several religious sites that are like time capsule of the magnificent times of Lord Ram.

Although ‘Ayodhya’ is popularly referred as birthplace of rama, but there is a particular location which is marked by the temple known as RAM JANMABHOOMI.

There are several places of worth visiting – Ram ki paidi, Hanuman garhi, Nageswarnath temple, mani parbat, Dasrath Bhavani, Tulsi smarak bhawan, Kanak Mahal.

Trustee Members

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P. Subbarayudu,FCA

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Founder/ Managing Trustee/General Secretary

A. Chandra Sekhar

Lord Rama Chandra message to build a shelter and give food to the pilgrims and devotees of Rama to Sri Chandra sekhar Vijayawada founder and Managing Director of Sri Vasavi Annapurna Seva Samithi. This seva samithi provide free food at Government General Hospital to patients and their attendees, daily around 2000 are availing this facility.

Now, Sri Chandra Sekhar planned for a project to provide free food and shelter at Ayodhya( near rama janmabhoomi)  and is named as Sri Rama Dhama Trust.

The main motive of Sri Rama Dhamam trust is to provide free food and accomodation at nominal charges to cover maintenance expenses. This project includes construction of Gosala, Temple, Museum, Meditation hall and a guest house with commercial complex to cater to the needs of all categories of visitors ie; highend, economical and general, whereas the food for all is FREE.